About Eden - Corporate

Corporate Profile

Eden has well established & commendable track record in supporting leading Energy, hydrocarbon, Engineering, Manufacturing industries in their product development support, optimizing their development time & processes. Our unique business model is built around relationships. Our relationship quotient is all about commitment, flexibility and top-to-bottom approach path.

Eden's History

Eden began in 2001 with the intent to create a company that would attract the most experienced and skilled professionals to provide high quality Engineering & IT services. During the eight years that followed, we took on a wide range of complex and critical processes and became a provider to many of engineer offshore-Onshore, Technology, Energy, Manufacturing solutions. We have grown rapidly, significantly expanding our range of services and diversifying our client base. Our extensive industry expertise and project management experience enables us to deliver turn-key solutions to our customers for both IT and engineering worlds

      Values: Professionalism; Passion for Progression. & Vision: An Avid Workforce
we work towards customer centric objectives

Customer Centric Objectives

Eden agenizes each customer's requirements and processes are unique. That is why we work towards customer centric objectives. We explore and propose cost competitive and high tech engineering solutions that are often acceptable and to customers. Eden offers a unique combination of engineering skills, domain experience, and business applications know-how. Whether engineering or technology integration of an off the shelf package or the development of a custom solution, “customer satisfaction” is our prime service objective and we strive on building bankable business relationships.

Service to build bankable relationships & reputation.

At Eden, we follow earnestly a set of core values that accent importance of our colleagues in our business. We understand importance of clients and treat them with highest respect and operate business with the highest degree of integrity. We Endeavour to provide our clients excellent service to build bankable relationships & reputation. We maintain a euphoric environment where highly skilled people desire to be. All of this enables us to strike right balance between services and value propositions.