About Eden - Corporate

Quality Practices & Methodologies

Our Quality Assurance processes provide adequate assurance that the products and processes in the project lifecycle conform to their specified requirements and planned unrolling. Eden follows mature and efficient process by following international standards and practices. We perform objective evaluations of the deliverables, carried-out processes and services against the corresponding standards and procedures.

quality graph The Quality Management System in place at Eden Information Services provides for:

To reach our vision of becoming the preferred supplier of IT & Engineering services for all the customers we serve, we monitor the parameters of our activity constantly. Our quality goals reflect the efforts our organization undertakes to exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders:

  • Minimum schedule variance with original estimates.
  • Minimum effort variance with original estimates.
  • Minimum defect rate after testing (customer view).
  • Retain 95% of customers year by year.
  • Achieve a 90% retention rate for employees.

Quality of Communication

It is possible to co-work successfully on a software project only if effective communication is ensured between the customer and the offshore software vendor. Eden focuses on two central project communication issues: language proficiency and organized task statement/reporting.

As communication facilities we can use email, phone, ICQ , MSN and other instant messaging software . We can additionally utilize a proprietary web-system to centralize and organize all project communication.