Connect with Eden

We believe in sharing our success with our people. By building long-lasting partnerships with our people and creating a global team, we provide exciting stock options. Offers of stock options are a token of our appreciation for the contribution made by our people to our success.

At Eden, HR is a value-based service that aims to optimize human potential toward fulfillment of organizational goals. You will find a work culture that is characterized by:

  • Greatest possible integration of staff into company processes
  • Highest possible level of competence and transfer of responsibility
  • Teamwork & Team Building Skills
  • Free flow of information

Global Opportunities

At Eden you become part of our global family; as a result, you have access to a world of opportunities, including:

  • Global career opportunities though Eden's presence in Norway, USA.
  • Onsite opportunities with our clients in the USA and Europe.

Growth Oriented Work Culture

At Eden, we value our workforce, take pride in their accomplishments, foster their continued professional growth, and encourage their ideas. All of our departments have tenured people who know our hr software and payroll software product, believe in our mission, and understand our vision.

       As individuals and as corporate citizens, the people at Eden also work to make a difference in our community. We firmly believe in doing the right thing and making a difference, starting locally.

Component of Work for work freely.

  • Learning : Novelty & Diversity, through Individual opportunity & flexibility.
  • Freedom : Space & Control over one's life: Dissent / expression.
  • Responsibility : Leadership, Empathy & Accountability.
  • Self - Esteem : Realization of Capabilities & Potentials : Increase in Self-Worth & Org Value.
  • Knowledge assessment : Our internal knowledge-sharing platform, Ivy, makes information accessible and provides for a medium to learn and evolve further.