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  • Impact of Microsoft. Net on Enterprise Resource Plannings.
    A low rumble is emanating from Microsoft about its new .NET initiative. The volume is rising. Have you heard it? You will. .NET (pronounced “Dot Net”) will be ringing in our ears by fall 2001 when the first .NET software is officially released and Microsoft®brings its marketing machine up to full power.
  • Rich Internet Applications - Growth and Challanges for Enterprises.
    Rich Internet Applications (RIA) represents the next transition in the evolution of web applications; they promise the richness, interactivity and usability lacking in many of today’s Web applications. As with any technological transitions, this implies that there are new opportunities to be explored and new challenges to be negotiated. To maximize the benefits of RIA adoption in tune with contemporary trends, an enterprise should asses the following
  • Core Internet Technologies ( Non .NET ) : Choose Wisely
    We have spent years evaluating competing relational database management systems, operating systems, programming languages, server software, networking architectures, etc. As a result of our continued focus on understanding these evolving technologies for purposes of delivering the best possible solutions to our clients, we are in a unique position to render an educated opinion as to which Internet technologies can best meet organizations’ near-term and long-term goals.

Products Solutions

  • Lead HRM - Integrated accounting and payroll solutions
    Of all the domains in an organization, HR plays the most vital role of bringing new people in the organization while taking care of the existing employees as well. As a consequence, it becomes very difficult for HR Managers to maintain operational efficiency at optimum levels. Lead-hrm views your workforce as your assets.
  • Employee Resource Management - essentials for EAI (CRM workflow whitepaper)
    Optimizing links between people and applications both internally and with those of suppliers and partners is a challenge indeed. Enterprise application integration aims to create an electronic super-corridor that facilitates both internal and external application integration. But, what about the people who work with these applications?

Services & Solutions

  • Eden corporate summary, services and solution
    The company firmly believes that in order to provide real value and lasting success for its customers it must understand their own issues and be able to deliver business critical services over the long term. This in turn implies an ability to innovate whilst being assuredly reliable. This means a clear focus on specific markets and services.

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