Engineering Services Offerings

Detailed engineering

Eden performs detailed engineering for a project based on the requirements of a basic bid packages.

  • Problem analysis & discipline, design calculation & preparation and detailed drawing
  • Purchase specifications.
  • Technical assistance for procurement of design solutions.
  • Piping design and stress analysis with cost and quality control.
  • Project co-ordination & management from scratch.
  • Use of computer aided engineering (CAE) tools for detail designs.
  • Quality assurance and quality control.
  • Configuration and dimensioning of instrumentation and control equipment.
  • Supervision of construction and installation work.

Design Engineering : 2D & 3D Modeling

Eden uses of 3-D modeling tools during the Detailed Engineering phase of a project. After completion of the model we are able to extract.

  • Various deliverables from the model
  • Isometrics, piping layouts.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation layouts.
  • Extraction of MTOs.

Finite Element Modeling

FEM program offers advanced Finite Element Modeling. FEM analysis is useful in high end engineering solutions such as:

  • Modeling of pressure vessels.
  • Irregularly shaped structure.
  • Solid structure.
  • Surface with holes.
  • Intersection of cylinders.
  • Hybrid/composite elements.

Process Engineering

Eden process engineering service focuses on the design, operation and maintenance of product and material manufacturing processes.