Engineering Services Offerings

IT enabled services

Eden extensively uses CAD for Engineering & Design Systems including PDMS & PDS if customer desires. Eden team of engineers have extensive experience in Computer Aided Engineering which includes

Computer Aided Design

  • Mechanical Design Services for manufacturability on PCB or HVAC.
  • Electrical System Design
  • Structure Design & Analysis
  • Layout Design for architecture. e.g. Piping, foundation etc.

Capabilities of modern CAD Design systems include:

  • Reusing design components, versioning and modification
  • Automatic generation of standard design components
  • Design verification against specifications and rules
  • Design Simulation without building a physical prototype
  • Automated assembly design of parts and Design Output to manufacturing facilities
  • Direct Output to Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacture Machines for industrial prototypes

Vendor Relationship Management

A Vendor Relationship Management can help you not only find out who you are doing business with, but help you do business with them more efficiently ad effectively

Eden offers five step vendor management program that help you to save significant money.

  • Vendors analysis and identification
  • Beef up vendor information.
  • Analyzing expenditures for cost cutting
  • Dividend reap with smart information.
  • Easing vendors communication through web.

Information Management Portal for an Oil and Gas

At Eden, we understand that a wide variety of portal types and diverse uses provide cost reduction, revenue enhancement and intangible business benefits to your organization. We engineer our extranet/ intranet solutions to deliver improved customer/employee satisfaction and retention, faster time to market with new applications, reduced support and training costs via self service, increased productivity, and enhanced decision-making.