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Portal Development

As the rapidly emerging standards for web development practices, portals are utilized as frameworks to quickly design and develop business solutions targeted at a wide array of constituents, including employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Cutting Edge portal solutions for
  • Special purpose intranet for team work.
  • Employee and HR Intranets.
  • Help Desk and Decision Support Systems.
  • Community and Collaboration Solutions.
  • Customer-Focused Portals and Self Service Applications.
  • Partner and Supplier Extranets.
  • Knowledge Management Systems.

Eden also offers ready to use and easy customizable product solutions for portal

HR and payroll solution as portal

Online Job Portal

As industry characteristics are applied, constituent groups diversify further; the ability to rapidly assemble pre-built components (commonly called port lets) into a composite application providing specific business functionality is a very compelling advantage.

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How Eden can understand your need?

At Eden, we understand that a wide variety of portal types and diverse uses provide cost reduction, revenue enhancement and intangible business benefits to your organization. We engineer our extranet/ intranet solutions to deliver improved customer/employee satisfaction and retention, faster time to market with new applications, reduced support and training costs via self service, increased productivity, and enhanced decision-making.